Even as we find ourselves amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, Corporations, and small businesses across the country and frankly the world, have all seen a sharp increase in physical threats. Organizations are under massive strain to keep employees, customers, and the public safe from physical harm and COVID-19.

The pandemic has accelerated training modernization for organizations small and large. With more employees expected to continue to work remotely, companies now need to shift their financial resources to enhance physical security like that of cybersecurity levels and introduce training modules with focused priority. Workplace violence, active shooter, threat management teams, and reporting threats, among others, are now highlighted within daily conversations. The misconception that workplace threats or violence have decreased due to remote work is a myth. In fact, statistics show violence has increased 69% from 2019. *(Bloomberg Law)

Understanding risks and where attacks might come from allow organizations to prevent and mitigate damage. The great benefit of transforming and reimagining security/training allows budget-friendly organizations to maintain social distance, address threats all without having liability compromised.

Redundancy and reliance on cybersecurity is an integral part of the future of workplace security in a post COVID era. Organizations have learned a lot about themselves during the pandemic; some have survived and many thrived, but this unprecedented time has also shed light on vulnerabilities organizations can no longer ignore.

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