Our training programs are customized to your organization. Rather than focus on what to do after a shooting, we focus on how to prevent a shooting. Changing the way offices, houses of worship and schools think, prepare, and respond to an active shooter is critical to managing risk. Empower your employees to make critical decisions when it matters most.

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Active Shooter Training Courses

Active shooter and mass casualty events continue to occur in higher frequency. Forseti Protection Group‘s expert team understands the challenges organizations face in our evolving society. We can help you build an effective prevention mitigation program, including key deliverables to empower your staff to make critical decisions if a crisis occurs.

Active shooter events occur in minutes, while average law enforcement response is 7 minutes. Forseti Protection Group supports clients across the country in developing a custom approach to prevent, detect, mitigate, respond, and recover from an active shooter event. Real-world scenario-based exercises will help your organization build crisis decision-making skills to help save lives and protect your assets.

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