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Reality-Based Training

We are experts in developing prevention and mitigation strategy training solutions customized (bold and underline that word) to your organization and budgetary needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a foundation of resiliency and business continuity through proven reality based training and mitigation strategies. Comprised of United Nations Safety and Security certified personnel, former military and former law enforcement officers, our experience and hands-on education will protect you when you need it most. You’re safe with us. ©

Services We Provide

While all the services that Forseti Protection Group provides are unique to our clients, companies may request additional strategic consulting services in the area of crisis and risk management, and other crisis management related areas such as communications and infrastructure review, policy development, public relations and more.


On-Site Security

Our security professionals provide physical security at your location, for special events, corporate locations, corporate events and places of worship. Highly trained threat professionals, our team is certified in leadership training, secrecy, advanced medical training, Narcan certified, professional writing and investigations.
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With Forseti Protection Group as your partner, you will do more than plan. You will have accurate, customized (bold and underline again), detailed mitigation solutions, that protect your school, place of worship or business. We protect clients with physical site assessments, emergency action plans, risk assessment and vulnerability assessments.
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Glass Security Laminate

Cost effective way to protect your school business or place of worship. ACE Security Laminate applies to any existing glass surface. 3M™ Safety and Security Window Film has been incorporated into thousands of U.S. schools.
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Workplace Violence Classes


Active Shooter Training

As certified United Nations Safety and Security experts, we will utilize our expertise to develop customized active shooter prevention training to reduce the likelihood of an active shooter situation. We also assist in developing policies and procedures to enhance safety and security.
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Access Control

Our team will help you manage your organization with custom access control and security solutions. Card readers, biometric readers, visitor control management, and customized audit reports, we offer an affordable, customized option that ensure all stakeholders expectations are exceeded.
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Business Continuity

We will create a custom system of prevention and recovery to deal with threats specific to your organization. Whether cyber threats, physical threats or insider threats, we will help you reduce the impact on your operations and enhance your ability to overcome an emergency or disaster.
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NYS Safety Course

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We are Forseti Protection Group, a Buffalo based active shooter and emergency strategy consulting firm. Comprised of former law enforcement officers, we are experts in developing crisis response and training solutions.

An organization’s ability to prevent, cope and recover from an incident guarantees a successful future. Our reality-based training and active-shooter programs provide innovative solutions that rise above industry standards. Contact us today to secure your organizations future.

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Forseti Protection Group

Experts in Active Shooting Prevention Training, Onsite Training and Security Consulting. Forseti Protection Group’s consulting and training strategies have been developed through years of experience and hands-on education.