I write to you today with a heavy heart and deep sadness after the tragic events in Pittsburgh.  The hate filled, disgraceful, anti-Semitic actions that were displayed today are a clear indication that we, the Jewish community are under attack. We can no longer subscribe to the thoughts “it cannot happen here.” There are many resources and options available to our community and we must know that being prepared is not being fearful. It is an opportunity for us to show our strength. To show our unity and resolve during these times. We must not let hate defeat us. The financial costs of utilizing security professionals or enhancing security measures are meager in comparison to what is important. How much is a life worth? I for one cannot sit by idle and allow these despicable actions continue, that is why I ask you to consider your safety and the safety of our community as you reassess security needs. You can rest assure I and my fellow colleagues at Forseti Protection Group will do everything in our power to prevent these hateful actions from entering our beloved community. Please know I am here for you and we can assist in any of your needs moving forward.

May their memory be a blessing. Ha-Makom yinachem etchem.

Kenneth Abraham Sull

Vice President of Cross-Cultural Relations

Forseti Protection Group