Workplace violence continues to plague the nation and is not going to soon disappear. Whether it’s a disgruntled employee, an irate customer, or completely random act of violence, only one aspect remains true when reviewing each incident: businesses could have done more to PREVENT these attacks. New technology is available to assist in security and need not be cumbersome or distracting. Cost-effective measures are available that can and will safeguard your fiscal assets, employees, and customers. 

Instead of viewing grainy footage to see what is happening or has happened at your workplace, there are affordable cameras available with HD quality video. These can be viewed in real time remotely via apps and there is cloud-based storage available to recall footage days, months, or even years later. 

Another security enhancement possibility is pairing an access control badge system with your cameras. This will allow your human resources or security personnel to view who is entering specific areas of your building. Alerts can even be preset to notify you of a potential situation or suspicious access to certain parts of your facility. 

What about internal threats? The employee who has legitimate access to your building but becomes the threat or attacker? We recommend creating shelter-in-place locations and safe zones. Technology is available to lockdown your organization and limit access to whoever the internal threat may be and “funnel” them to where you want or isolate them in a specific location. Technology today allows for this type of instant response and again can be done remotely via an app. 

Most importantly, to ensure you do not throw money away on unnecessary technology, we recommend starting with a security assessment. Over $1 Million is available through Federal Tax Credits for safety enhancements that include access control, bullet/shatter resistant laminate and more. We can assist your organization in determining where you are most vulnerable and helping you put a plan together to address these vulnerabilities in phases. This will keep you within your budget as well as empower your employees.

Physical security is vital to your organization’s vitality and plays a key component in your business continuity and IT plans. With new technology and the right security partner, you can rest easy knowing you’re safe with us. 

Plan. Prepare. Forseti.